Addressing the impact of financial stress in the workplace

We have launched a free online Financial Wellbeing Survey for employers to measure and address their employees’ wellbeing. The survey results will highlight any areas of concern and help to shape a financial wellbeing strategy. Financial stress can have a large impact on staff productivity in the workplace and is costing employers billions a year […]

How Covid has affected our financial behaviour

How Covid has affected our financial behaviour.

How Covid has affected our financial behaviour: The changing landscape of financial behaviour When it comes to financial wellbeing, Covid has created a stark divide between those who have coped well (and even reaped from the pandemic with finances positively impacted) and those who have found themselves in severe financial difficulty. Findings from LCP’s survey […]

Covid and the burgeoning personal debt crisis

National Debt Awareness Week

Covid and debt Covid and debt: This week, National Debt Awareness Week coincides with the one-year anniversary since the first UK national lockdown was imposed.  The pandemic, and series of lockdowns over the course of the past year, have caused great damage to many people’s personal finances. Research by the debt charity Stepchange found that […]

Lessons from a nine-year old on financial wellness

Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellness does not have to be down to luck on St Patrick’s Day if you can empower individuals with the right tools and information to take control of their money. We’ve been gathering insight from a much younger audience this week when one of our Manager’s children helped to develop a St Patrick’s Day […]